Friday, May 2, 2014

Young Women's Value Quilt

In January my oldest daughter turned 12.  In our church 12 is kind of a big deal.  Like that of a Mexican Quinceanera or a Jewish Bar Mitzvah, 12 marks the passage of childhood into young adulthood for our kids.  Girls enter the Young Women's program, where they focus on eight values as they build their faith and increase their understanding of all things spiritual.

I decided to mark her birthday milestone with a quilt.  Each value has a color associated with it, so that was my starting point.  With the help of the Sew Pieceful Swap group this quilt came together in record time.  I started it in November and had it done in time for her birthday in January. That is super fast for me!

LDS YW Value Quilt

The quilt design was a giant take on this block I made for my pinterest sampler.  Can you see it? The design gets a little lost with the white block disappearing in the upper left corner, but I wanted to stay true to the value colors.  In hindsight I probably should have used a different background color, but oh well.

LDS YW Value Quilt quilting details

My quilter stitched words into the quilting, along with my daughter's name and part of the Young Women's theme.   

LDS YW Values Quilt

She also embroidered each of the value names on their corresponding color blocks.
That rainbow block in the center is by far my favorite part, though!

LDS YW Values Quilt Rainbow

For the back I used a reclaimed sheet that has multi-colored polka dots. 
 The binding is an aqua/white (my daughter's favorite color at the moment) dot from the DS line at JoAnn's.
My daughter loves her quilt and loves being in Young Women's.  
She is rapidly growing up and becoming a beautiful young woman that her mom can be proud of.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monochromatic Stripes

I've recently finished three more striped quilts to add to my little shop
 I was exploring the idea of monochromatic stripes, rather than gradient stripes.

Modern Striped Baby Quilts

 I'm pleased to say they turned out just as awesome as I'd hoped!  I'd pinned some striped rug pictures as inspiration in hopes that I could recreate them in quilt form.  I'm calling it a successful endeavor.

Black and White Striped Modern Baby Quilt

Obviously black and white was my original color scheme idea based on the rug picture.
 I am still obsessed with the IKEA briton numbers print for the back and will probably use it again 100 more times before I tire of it.  

 Charcoal Gray Modern Striped Baby Quilt

 Gray was my toned down version of black, but when I went to put the binding on, the gray fabric I had originally picked out just made the quilt seem really bland and boring.  So I went with the always fabulous woodgrain print (Color: Straw/Vintage Yellow) from Joel Dewberry.  I think the yellow makes a great statement on this little quilt.  Definitely not boring anymore.

Navy and White Striped Modern Baby Quilt

Navy and white have always been favorites of mine! 
 I wanted this quilt to have a classic yet modern feel to it.  The tiny striped binding (reminiscent of classic ticking) is my favorite part!  If you're a long time reader of my blog then you know of my love for ticking stripes.   The paper airplane print from Sarah Jane's line Children at Play, I feel, lends itself well to both the classic and modern sides of the quilt.

Happy Monday!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

More Gradient Stripes

I finished another gradient striped baby quilt.
This one uses some light yellows, yellow-greens, and green-blues.  
The colors remind me of the ocean: sand, water and sky.

Gradient Stripes Baby Quilt Dyptich

I used the IKEA britton numbers print for the back again. Seriously, I LOVE that print. 
 It makes such a great gender-neutral backing.  Those can be tricky sometimes. 

Gradient Stripes Quilt Full View

There is great beauty in simplicity, don't you think?!
Gradient Stripes Quilt Detail

For the binding I used a print from Oliver + S.

I'm pretty sure the bottom two aqua stripes are the perfect color in the history of colors. 
Just Sayin'

Monday, March 3, 2014

Service and Teaching Others to Sew {Part One}

I am passionate about sewing (duh!) and teaching others to sew.  When sewing can be combined with service I'm a happy girl.

 A few weeks ago I offered my sewing/teaching services to a friend. We had decided to help the young women girls (age 12-17) in our church congregation (also known as a ward) learn how to sew.  Since none of them sew at all, the challenge rested in figuring out something for them to sew that would be fun and easy without requiring much precision. Our goal was to spark some interest in sewing and the creative process. 

After making slab blocks I knew that would be a great jumping off point for the girls. We could let them get behind a sewing machine without having to worry about matching points and 1/4" seems.  Pink and Orange Scrappy Improv Quilt

We had decided that the girls blocks would be made into a baby quilt for one of their youth leaders who was having a girl after having 2 boys.  The girls were pretty excited to turn their blocks into a special quilt for their leader.

Pink and Orange Improv Quilt Texture and Quilting

I gave them a brief lesson on the sewing and block making (things like sew right sides together and trim and press as you go) and then turned them loose!  They did such a great job and dove right in to the creative process.  There were only a few minor adjustments to be made to a couple blocks but other than that I didn't do anything but watch and advise.

Pink and Orange Scrappy Improv Quilt

The girls definitely had fun digging through my scraps in search of "hidden treasures" as they designed their blocks.  It was fun to see them be creative and have fun while doing something new. Limiting the color palette was key to taming the chaos.

Pink and Orange Improv Quilt Collage

As you can see, their quilt turned out so fantastic!!

There is plenty more to this story so you'll have to tune in next time for another installment.  It's when I get a hair-brained idea and the project suddenly takes on a life of it's own.
Stay tuned...

Blocks: 12" finished, 20 blocks total.
Finished Quilt:  48" by 60"
Straight-Line Quilting By Me with a Machine Stitched Binding
Backing: From JoAnn's

Monday, February 24, 2014

Orphan blocks find a home

This is a fun little quilt top I put together over Christmas Break.  

I've been "collecting" orphan blocks for at least a year in anticipation of making my own kitchen sink quilt.  I've pinned a few really beautiful ones, like this and this, that I was hoping I could duplicate in my own way.

Here are my humble beginnings:

Orphan Quilt Blocks
Not much to look at when you first see them but I knew that with time I could make them beautiful.  I'll admit at this stage of the game I was a little skeptical, though...

Scrappy Orphan Quilt Blocks Organized
 But the more I dug, the more blocks I found!  
I started laying them out to find a pleasing arrangement.

It took a lot of trial and error and LOTS of rearranging to find an arrangement that I liked, but even then I still needed to fill in some gaps!  I tried hard to stay true to the nature of the quilt and not use anything that wasn't a scrap or an orphan block for the gaps.
Tiny Scrappy Triangle Quilt Block
By far my favorite part of the "fill in the gap" phase was this happy little accident of triangles.  The triangles themselves are tiny (2") leftovers from some bee block making.  But they became even more awesome when I sewed the two rows together with one of them upside down.  My original thought was to have them all going the same way stacked up nice and orderly, but I LOVE them so much better like this!  A happy accident, indeed.

Scrappy Orphan Quilt Block Top

Here is the final layout in flimsy form all pieced together.
I love that it is a scrappy beautiful hot mess of blocks, as well as a sort of diary of blocks from the past year.  Crazy, yet cool!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lone Starburst

Lone Starburst Paper Pieced Quilt Block

I'm thinking I'll turn it into a pillow...

Pattern: Lone Starburst by Anna of Six White Horses.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Aqua and Orange {finish}

This one's actually been finished for awhile, but our dismal weather was making is hard to get any good pictures. 

Aqua and Orange Sampler Quilt

If you remember right, the blocks for this quilt were made by the ladies in the Sew Pieceful Swap last spring/summer.  Aqua and orange was my first color scheme with this group, but I'm already on my 3rd color!

Aqua and Orange Sampler Quilt Finish

I've been saving the flannel backing piece since last year when I got it on sale.  Can you believe I've never actually used flannel on any of my previous quilts?  It's a perfect aqua gingham if I do say so myself.  I'm pretty sure you all know this already but I could buy gingham in every color of the rainbow and still not tire of it.  And gingham flannel? That's pretty much perfect!
Aqua and Orange Sampler Quilt Folded

Aqua and Orange Sampler Quilting Texture

 I think my quilter did a fantastic job giving the quilt great texture without taking away too much from each block.  

Aqua and Orange Sampler Quilt Crumpled

As for those orange cornerstones...I love the little pop of color they add to the sashing.

Happy Monday, All!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Busting the Scraps

My scrap bins have been getting a little out of control of late.  I'm ashamed to to say I am a hoarder in the scrap department (*hangs head in shame*), but I just can't throw away pretty things no matter how small they are.  So, I've been trying to make heads or tails of them since Christmas break. 

The easiest way for me to do that is to dump them on the floor and make some slabs ala Sunday Morning Quilts.  For me it's a happy mindless exercise that yields beautiful results.  So after spending a couple days with an Edward Scissorhands sized mess I managed to make some pretties.

 I chose to make "blocks" rather than slabs but the process is the same.  Easy and awesome!
My blocks are 15" so that when it comes time to put them together I'll only need 20 or so to make a nice sized throw.  Bigger blocks = less work, right?

Rainbow color order scrap bins

With pink and turquoise cleaned out, I've only got 7 more colors to go. WooHoo!

Pink and Turquoise Fabric scrap strips

In a fit of scrap hoarding mania, I also decided to make strips for these scrappy x blocks.  I've had them on my wish list for.ever!  Both projects will probably be ongoing throughout the year but I'm determined to empty all my bins this year! 

What about you? Do you have an over abundance of scraps, or a great scrap project you want to share?
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Dots

Surprise, Surprise, I bought more polka dots!

Polka Dotted Fabric from Designer Amy Butler
From designer Amy Butler

Monday, February 3, 2014

On Point Lattice Quilt Tutorial {Featuring Wee Wander by Sarah Jane Studios}

Hi all!  
Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Sarah Jane's new fabric line Wee Wander.  
Today I'm excited to be sharing a tutorial for the lattice quilt I made for her booth at fall market
 It's a simple design and an easy quilt to whip up.  

While I used yardage for the original quilt, I was able to simplify the directions (and thus eliminate fabric waste) by using only one complete fat quarter set (21 prints) for the pdf.  Follow the simple cutting layout diagrams and you will be able to get all the squares you need to make a large throw just like the one I made!

Sarah's fabric are available NOW through on-line retailers and brick-and-mortar stores!

Wee Wander Fabric Collection by designer Sarah Jane Studios

True to her other lines, Wee Wander is filled with whimsical illustrations depicting childhood play; featuring trees, horses, deer, children, leaves, and (my favorite!!) fireflies.

Wee Wander Lattice Quilt Full View

As you can see all the fabrics play well together as a collection.
Once again, Sarah has done a wonderful job infusing beautiful color and design into her fabric collection. I can honestly say that even after sewing with this line for market I still want to sew with it some more! That's saying something, isn't it?  Yep, It's that cute!!

Don't forget to check out Sarah's blog weekly to see what others are making for the Wee Wander Blog Tour!

Download the pdf

***I tried my best to make this tutorial as accurate as possible, so please let me know if you find any errors.  I will try to keep this post updated regularly with any changes, if needed.***
Wee Wander Complete Fat Quarter Bundle Available From:
Westwood Acres  (along with a Coordinating Solids Bundle)
More Details:
The super simplified version of the tutorial is this:
Cut 70 - 7" squares  and turn on point, cut 26 HST's for sides, and approx. 35 white sashing strips cut at 1.5" by WOF.

In the PDF there are two cutting layouts for your fat quarters: one for the small scale prints (Diagram A) and one for the large scale prints (Diagram B). Diagram B will show you the layout needed to cut squares on the bias so your larger scale prints will be headed in the right direction when they are turned on point.  I would suggest making a simple template out of paper (cut a 7" square in half diagonally) so you can position the HST's correctly on your FQ.  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Black and White Texty Prints

Stashing some texty prints:

Black and White Text Fabric Assortment

Word Search Puzzle from Timeless Treasures
Mon Amie French Words in White by Brejer for Robert Kaufman
Love Notes Yolo in Grey by Echo Park Paper Co. for Andover
How to Sew a Pillowcase from Timeless Treasures
Madrona Road Memoir Text in White by Violet Craft
Crossword Puzzle from Timeless Treasures

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Brown Fabrics

Metro Living Circles in Brown from Robert Kaufman 
Dumb Dot in Chocolate from Michael Miller 
Quilters Linen in Chocolate from Robert Kaufman
Metro Living Circle in Natural from Robert Kaufman
Dumb Dot in Beige from Michael Miller
Floral Sprouts in Boardwalk from California Girl by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda
Metro Living Dots in Brown from Robert Kaufman
Pearl Bracelets in Semi Sweet from Lizzy House

A color bundle from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tiny Stripes

Tiny Stripes colorway from Just For Fun fabric line

Tiny Stripes from Just for Fun by Marisa and Creative Thursday for Andover.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wee Wander Pretty Pink Patchwork


Wee Wander Pretty Pink Patchwork Quilt

I started with the beautiful leftovers from the Wee Wander quilt I made last fall,

Wee Wander quilt being quilted

paired them with more beauties from my stash,

Wee Wander plus Pink Patchwork with Ikea Numbers Back

added some straight-line quilting,

Up close of hand sewn binding detail

and finished it off with my favorite hand-sewn binding.

Wee Wander Quilt with Numbers backing


Color Inspiration

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sun Print :: Party Streamers and Text

This post is part of an ongoing series of posts where I document my fabric stash purchases.
This year I am trying to keep track of my fabric intake in order to see how much I consume.  I'm not going to keep track of how much I spend, though, because then I might cry. 

Party Streamers and Text Prints from the Sun Print Collection by Alison Glass
(I bought her Feathers prints earlier in the year) 
Rainbow assortment of Party Streamers Fabric by Allison Glass

Colors: Black, Scarlet, Gold, Olive,  Dahlia,
 Eggplant, Prussian, Teal, and Hot Pink

Rainbow stack of Sunprint Text Prints from designer Allison Glass

Colors:  Black, Eggplant, Indigo, Teal,
 Florescent, Pumpkin, Hot Pink, and White.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The One and Only Thing I Made for Christmas

 I conscientiously chose not to make a bunch of handmade items for Christmas this year as I know that those kinds of self-imposed expectations cause way more stress than I need during December.  Believe me when I say I want to be that girl, but I know my limits.  So with that being said here is the one and only thing I made for Christmas this year.

As a personal challenge (and because I'm a huge fan!) I've slowly and quietly been working my way through the Sunday Morning Quilts book. 

Finished Daydreams quilt for a boy

This is a boy version of the Daydreams quilt for my 9yr old son.
It's a quick quilt to work up with a nice simple design that lends itself well to boys, girls, or grown-ups.  You could definitely put it together in an afternoon.  I modified the pattern in the book just slightly to make it finish as a nice size throw rather than the original twin-sized.

Scrappy quilt back in blue and gray

For the backing I dug through my stash, as I have far too much fabric that needs to get used.  :*(  Besides, you know I love a scrappy back.  My favorite addition is definitely the mustache piece.  I know everyone is kind of "over" mustaches but evidently I'm not.  And the 9 yr old thinks it's cool so that's all that matters.

loopy scroll quilting detail
 My quilter did a beautiful job as usual. 
She continues to turn my creations into works of art with her quilting. I am forever grateful for her amazing talent!

The boy wrote me a sweet thank you note, complete with quilt drawing, so I guess that means he really likes it!  Even without the sweet note, isn't that the reason we all make quilts in the first place -- to make others happy?

Detail of fabrics in daydreams quilt
A close up of the fabrics.
There was a numbers print, a Japanese piece, some Children at Play, 2 DS Prints, and some other random pieces I found in my stash.

Front and Back of Daydreams Quilt

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Finished quilt measures 55" by 72".
The navy fabric is a denim-type piece I've had in my stash for probably 10 years!  It feels good to have finally used it for something. :)