Monday, April 1, 2013

A Mini Granny {WIP}

After participating in a couple of rounds of the doll quilt swap on flickr I've gotten quite smitten with mini quilts.   In fact, I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to them.  So when I saw a swap using only Denyse Schmidt fabrics I signed right up!  DS fabrics are ones I hoard with reckless abandonment.

I find making minis both challenging and satisfying.  Challenging because of the scale, but satisfying because you can "test" out blocks/designs without committing to a large quilt.  And, if it ends up being something you don't love, you haven't wasted much fabric.

Granny squares have been on my brain for quite awhile, but I was pretty sure I didn't want to make a full-sized version.  When I ran across this cute mini on flickr awhile back I knew that's how I'd get my "granny fix."

So, here's where I'm going...
These blocks measure around 5" square.  The original directions use 2.5 inch squares while my mini version uses 1.5 inch squares.  Needless to say I am over the moon with how they turned out.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep them straight while using such little pieces, but the key was strip piecing them rather than piecing each square.  Worked beautifully.

This is where the challenge part comes into play for me... 
After I got done making my "little" blocks I decided to test my skills on a "tiny" block just to see if I could do it.  So the one on the left is a 5" block and the one on the right is a 3" block.  My sisters think I'm a little crazy... And I just might be! :)

Here's another picture for scale reference.  Isn't it cute?!
I'm going to use it as part of the label on the back of the quilt. 
Should be awesome!


Chocolate Dipped Quilts said... Reply To This Comment

Very cute! I am obsessed with granny squares lately but have yet to make one, maybe I'll have to try out the small size.

Doris said... Reply To This Comment

I love your little granny blocks. It's funny, I'm working on a batch right now myself, the bigger size. Love your colors and am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

maria said... Reply To This Comment

They're gorgeous. So cute, I love the teeny tiny one.

Renee said... Reply To This Comment

Those are great! I definitely like them better than the full size ones.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

These are lovely! The tiny one is amazing!

claudia said... Reply To This Comment

That little block is adorable. I don't think I could be that patient! My smallest right now is the 2" squares (after sewing them together)

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

your blocks look great! I like the granny squares, but I don't think a large quilt of them is in my future anytime soon. I need to make a small project to get my fix without a big commitment :)

Alisa said... Reply To This Comment

Very cute!

Beth said... Reply To This Comment
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