Friday, April 5, 2013

The Cobbler's Wife Finally Gets Some Shoes

My neighbor, who happens to be my good friend, is usually the first person I bounce my quilt ideas off of.  She knows nothing about quilting, yet is kind enough to listen to me babble endlessly about this and that related to my latest project.  She offers me gentle critics and honest opinions when I ask.  

 For the past year or so she has been bugging me about making a quilt for my own bed.  She reminds me often that I have made lots of beautiful quilts for other people, but nothing to beautify my own bedroom.  It's true, I've yet to so do.

Enter my low volume quilt, a.k.a. "the quilter finally makes herself a quilt" quilt! 

 I have loved this design since first seeing it in the Sunday Morning Quilts book last year.
I felt it was the perfect bit of calm and quietness to add to my bedroom.  

In the spirit of the book I dug out my scrap bin for this one.  I think I made 20 or so blocks (out of 72) before I figured out I needed to "supplement" my scraps a bit.  Oh well.  But I was able to use some of the last bits of my Grandma's shirts, some vintage sheet scraps, and some long neglected pin dot from JoAnn's that made it's way into the binding.  I call that a successful scrap clean out.  :)

When it came time to chose a backing I went cheapskate.  I used a strip of scraps from the front, more vintage sheets, and other low volume pieces I had left over.   I don't do pieced backs very often, but I should, as I always love the added interest they give to the quilt.

Here is a little close up of the quilting.
 I didn't have anything specific in mind so I gave my quilter free reign. This is a new design she was trying out and I think it looks so fantastic on this quilt!
I'm sure this would be a totally doable design on a home machine if you give it a try.

This full view gives you a good look at the texture of the quilt.  I haven't washed it yet, but it already has such a great feel.

And now I'm off...
Today is the last day of spring break for us.  And while it's been sunny and beautiful all week, today it is cold(er) and rainy.  The perfect kind of day to curl up and do nothing.
Happy Friday!

Quilt Finishes at 80" by 90"
Pattern by Cheryl Arkison from the book Sunday Morning Quilts


Little Island Quilting said... Reply To This Comment


Pieces of Cotton said... Reply To This Comment

Absolutely beautiful. When I first started quilting, everyone was into very bright fabrics. While I didn't have a name for it, the low volume quilts are what I really liked.

Carin said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful! I love the mountain backdrop in your quilt photo also.

Beth said... Reply To This Comment

Pretty. I too want to make this one for the Sunday Morning Quilts. I am sure it will look great on your bed.

the running hare said... Reply To This Comment

This is lovely, so calm and restful.

Maja said... Reply To This Comment

It´s a beauty!
Love how you took the last photo!

Kathie said... Reply To This Comment

A beautiful finish

Nancy said... Reply To This Comment

It's gorgeous, Emily! I never thought of putting low volume fabrics together until I saw the one in the book, Sunday Morning. I started one and, like you, found that I had to buy more low volume fabrics (unless I wanted very little variety in the blocks -- and I didn't). I love how you pieced the back, too. Good for you to make a quilt for yourself!

Rachael said... Reply To This Comment

It's lovely, really pretty :)


Shauna said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely quilt! I like the texture that the quilting has given it and I agree that might be doable on a home machine - something to think about. Your low volume quilt is very soothing and calming. Lovely job!

Doris said... Reply To This Comment

What a gorgeous quilt. Love both front and back.

Mareenchen said... Reply To This Comment

It's beautiful. Good you've finally made something for yourself!

Kitchener Quilter said... Reply To This Comment

That quilt looks so soft and so pretty. Very nicely done with all those "lights". And that quilting looks great, too. I might have to try that myself. Looks like it's not very complicated.

apple slice said... Reply To This Comment

way to go! your palette is fabulous. i love the low volumes. they are perfect for a bedroom. thanks for showing us! said... Reply To This Comment

This is stunning, it's got a real romantic 'feel' about it, the colours you've chosen work lovely together - I would have to buy huge amounts to be able to do something similar... I just knew I didn't have enough fabric, I need more (tsk tsk any excuse eh).

Ashley Calder said... Reply To This Comment

This is beautiful! such soft and lovely colours. :)