Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bee Vintage {Spring Edition}

Hard to believe my Bee Vintage group is in it's third year as a virtual quilting bee.  Through this group I've meet a lot of really great quilters, as the core group of ladies hasn't really changed all that much over those three years.  It's been a great group to be involved in!

February brought the start another round of block-making for us.
Here's what we've been working up this year...  

vintage sheet granny
Granny Squares for  Liz

Bee Vintage Block for Linda
Lady of the Lake for Linda

Bee Vintage Blocks for Nikki
Triangles for Nikki

Garden Fence block for Pam and Monica
Garden Fence blocks for Pam

  Garden Fence Block
and Monica
Tree block for Jodie
And finally,
Trees for Jodie.

Here is the quilt I made during the first year of the group and the one from the second.  This year I'm working on woven blocks.

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Linh said... Reply To This Comment

I love your blocks and all of your past bee block quilts. If I may ask how do ou join a bee?