Thursday, June 27, 2013


I can't believe it's almost July!

The last few months have been one giant blur of activity as we try to squeeze finishing a portion of our basement in between work/life/school/summer vacation.  It has been cRaZy to say the least.  I feel at times that my children have been orphaned as the hubs and I spent many a late night plugging away downstairs.  But the end is in sight (cue the Hallelujah chorus!!) as our carpet comes today!  It's the final piece to the puzzle...

 With the minutes ticking down until completion I thought some of you might like to see a few snapshots of what has been taking place behind the scenes.  We basically started with an empty basement and a head full of ideas and proceeded to build 3 bedrooms, a bathroom (not finished yet), 2 storage rooms, 2 closets and a clubhouse.  We have added another 1000sq ft to the house.  That is HUGE for us!
This will be my daughters new room.  The hubs was a rock star with his handy man skills (not his regular day job)!  The built-ins turned out better than I had envisioned.  And that wainscoting/shelf... Perfect!  I'm pretty sure this will be my new quilt-picture-taking-room!

He also built out the closets in the both boys' rooms.
Again, Awesome!
The wall color for this room is a nice neutral tan with a bit of grey.

None of our upstairs windows have trim around them but I requested the extra trim for the basement windows.  Hubs obliged.  In due time the upstairs windows will have trim as well.  Trimmed out windows = beautiful view!  The wall color for this room is a bit darker blue grey but I'm going for a nice coastal feel when it's done.

 This view is looking down the hall at the newly finished part of the basement.  The color on the wall came out to SO beautiful in my opinion!  It's a nice light grey from Kwal called Carbon.  It's also the color of my daughters room, much to her dismay. (She was hoping for bright turquoise.)

On the left in this picture is the clubhouse.  It's something I've wanted in each of the previous housed we've owned as well.  Now, I finally got a clubhouse!  It's basically the width of a closet and about 8 feet long, with a little window and little doorway.  It's somewhere my kids can go to hide away or play endless games with their friends.  What kids doesn't love a little nook or cranny?!
 Here is another view of the clubhouse.
There is a regular sized door on the end for the over 12 crowd to use. :) (Storage closet on the right.)

And there you have it...
 Anyone who has ever done DIY home improvement knows it takes twice as long and way more money than anticipated to complete, but I am forever grateful for my husband's mad carpentry skills and endless patience with me along the way.  Like I said, he's been a rockstar!

And now, if you need me, you'll find me rolling around on the floor enjoying that new carpet smell. Haha!
 I'm only sort of kidding...

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John said... Reply To This Comment

it is all looking really awesome! I know everyone will enjoy it, even those whose bedrooms are not down there. What a blessing to have a husband who can do all the work himself. Enjoy! M

Nate and Ash said... Reply To This Comment

You guys are rockstars!! looks amazing!

Angela Atkins said... Reply To This Comment

What an awesome "addition" to your house! How does the basement have those big windows though? Mine only has some little ones on each end.

Kim said... Reply To This Comment

Looks awesome! My husband and I added a three story addition to our home some time ago, and then recently finished out the basement, so I can relate. You will love the space!

Needle little Balance said... Reply To This Comment

Good work!

Angie in SoCal said... Reply To This Comment

What a great space you're going to have!

Stephanie said... Reply To This Comment

You got your clubhouse! How fun!