Monday, June 3, 2013

#pinterestsamplerquilt Blocks 1 and 2

This post is part of an ongoing series.  Follow along as I make blocks using designs from my pinterest board with hopes of a beautiful sampler quilt at the end.

Today I'm off for a week of fun at Girl's Camp!  In the midst of the frenzy of planning and packing I managed to squeeze in the first two blocks for my pinterest sampler quilt. 

So this week it's a two-fer.

This first block is one you've seen before
 If you recall it's the block I made for the May edition of the Sew Pieceful Swap group.  
Even after making it 6x I'm still not tired of it.  :)

I made my block 12.5 inches but my pin is for a tutorial for a block that finishes at 10.5 in.  Besides the size difference I made one other change. I decided to use a solid strip of fabric on the star points rather than squares.  I just like the cleaner look. 

My second block is one I've pinned in various forms and goes by a few different names.
When I made my block I ended up using the tutorial from knotty gnome, but I've also pinned a paper pieced tutorial from Don't Call Me Betsy, and a cute little 6 inch version from Bee In My Bonnet.  

I definitely had some troubles while making this block.  I've thought for awhile that my 1/4 inch mark on my machine is eversoslightly off so it's making my block-making a frustrating experience.  I'm planning on using this block for my June Sew Pieceful blocks, so when I make it en masse I'll probably try the paper pieced method instead.  



Sew Create It - Jane said... Reply To This Comment

What gorgeous blocks! I've just been checking out your blog and see you are relatively new...welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading and seeing more of your work.

the momma said... Reply To This Comment

I don't suppose you made note of the measurements you used to create the 12.5" block??

I was aiming to follow along with ya ~ but I'm obviously behind ;-)