Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New :: Vintage

This project started out as a little challenge to myself.
My husband's grandmother was an avid quilter.  She made many, many quilts over the years.  So many that when I asked my mother in law if she could pick a number, she said "hundreds."
My MIL has a bunch of her quilts that are now well-worn family heirlooms. Some are still on beds living out their days keeping visitors warm.

One quilt in particular of hers I like because of it's bright, cherry colors.  She made it using her old house dresses.  Since it is now torn and tattered I decided to see if I could recreate it as a little ode to grandma...

 These are the fabrics I started with.  Just some 30's repros I picked up here and there.  
I wanted them to have the same feel as Grandma's original so I purposely picked non-matchy-matchy prints.  Besides, I'm not much the matchy-matchy type.

 Grandma's original has this same pink background color along with all the bright solids.
As you can see she was a woman who was not afraid of color! 

 I know it's super granny-traditional but it's still very sweet to me.
And it came out looking exactly like hers.

 Since it's a vintage knock-off I thought it deserved a real vintage back.  The pink stripe is a sheet I picked up thrifting many moons ago.  Thrifted sheets = Instantly soft quilts! 

 With this quilt I've also accomplished another goal of mine from this year, which is to make more quilts with non-white backgrounds.  Check!

I'm pretty sure my youngest will lay claim to this quilt in one way or another since it is pink.  I'm thinking with the other 2 quilts she's already claimed I'm going to have to find a way to start displaying them in her room somehow. 
 It will be a sad day when she finally outgrows her love of pink, though.  :(

Finished size 60" by 78"
Quilted by Lynn Peterson
Hand-sewn binding by Me
Linking up to Fabric Tuesday and Sew Cute Tuesday


Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said... Reply To This Comment

what a sweet tribute to your grandmother! I love quilts that have a vintage look. Great thrift store find for the backing!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said... Reply To This Comment

Love it! That reminds me of my grandmothers house coats too:) And there is nothing softer than old sheets...why is that? Sounds like you've got a quilt hoarder..I like it:)

Kymberly said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful quilt. I love the pink background. It really makes this a nice cheery quilt. Lovely tribute to your grandmother.

Linda said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful job! I have a half dozen of my Granny's quilts, and I've never thought to recreate any of them. What a great idea and learning experience!

John said... Reply To This Comment

Very pretty. I love the quilts you do that bring memories of the grandmas. They are such heirlooms and tributes to those ladies. M