Monday, August 26, 2013

The time I was in charge of a quilt show and had no idea what I was doing...

Like many small towns in America, during the summer our town hosts a city-wide celebration.  It's a celebration of all things that make us a great community.  There are beauty pageants, pie-eating contests, races of all kind, home run derbies, car shows, a rodeo, carnival games, and of course, a big parade.  Quintessential small town.

This year the volunteer organizers of the celebration happen to be two friends of mine.  Somewhere along the line I agreed to be in charge of the Art and Quilt Show.  Never mind that I had no idea what I was doing...

The week before the show I was actually out of town with my family on vacation.  So upon coming back I was thrust into organizing, set-up, and the likes with a mere two days before the show opening.  Luckily I had a great support/help team in my quilter Lynn.  She came to my rescue big time!  Both of us were pleased with how well we worked together.  It was a crazy fast week, but the show came off great.

Here's a look at our set up:

We were housed in an old converted school, nothing fancy, but we made the best of it.
We draped and hung the best we could to pretty the place up. 

Since it was a small town show I had to call in some favors from my quilty friends so we'd have enough pieces to make a great show.  In the end we had over 50 pieces, a far cry from the normal 15 or so quilts from years past.

There was a group display of our friendship quilts.
Most of these you will recognize.

We tried to create cute little vignettes to set off some of the art pieces, as well.  Again, called in some favors from some local artist friends.

For the main part of the show we rented these awesome quilt display hangers. We were able to hang most of the quilts for full viewing, which was nice.  In years past the quilts were sort of draped on/over things.

It was a crazy week during the show but so rewarding when it was done.  We received many compliments from the visitors.  That made all the hard work worth it!  And in true Emily fashion I've already got ideas brewing in my head for next year's show.  I think I might be crazy for volunteering myself for another year...


Bluebell Ridge Handworks said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you and Lynn did a fabulous job setting up the show! Congratulations...I think you've found a calling :o)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

You did a great job! What a lot of work, but I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

Alisa said... Reply To This Comment

Very well done! That's great that you improved the show so much. Wish our city had a city-wide celebration!

Renae said... Reply To This Comment

Looks fun. Wish I could've been there to view it all.