Friday, September 27, 2013

Sewing Summit, the Pukes, and Bad Hotel Lighting

(I am kicking myself that I didn't write a pre-Sewing Summit post as I had some definite anxiety and preconceived notions before attending the summit.  Maybe I'll share those at a later time...)

This post is brought to you by the pukes and bad hotel lighting.

 First up is the pukes:
 This past weekend I was privileged to attend my first Sewing Summit here in Salt Lake City.  Unfortunately any anxiety that I had going in was doubled in the days leading up as my kids took turns with a stomach flu virus they passed around to each other.  I was freaking out, thinking that I'd end up getting sick and wouldn't be able to attend the summit, thereby wasting all that money I'd spent on my ticket.

little girl laying on a table looking out a window
A little sickie wishing she could play outside.
 I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent most of the week prior silently praying that I'd be able to stay healthy and not get sick (or anyone else for that matter).  I was so worried!  Quite honestly I packed my bags and went to the Summit without knowing how it would all play out.  Luckily, I was able to stay healthy and my kids made speedy recoveries.  Hallelujah!

an orange geometric bag with papers in the pocket
My Weekender Bag packed up and ready to go!

With regards to bad hotel lighting...
I didn't take a ton of photos as I was trying to immerse myself in the whole experience and not worry about "blog worthy" pictures.  There was an instagram contest going on during the Summit so most of my pics are hastily snapped IG pics using the bad hotel lighting.  Sorry!

a woman's face peeking out behind a hexagon flower quilt she is holding
I'm going to steal Leigh's fabulous hexie quilt.
As for the Summit itself, I tried to go in with no expectations.  I felt like if I had no expectations then I would be free to experience new things, broaden my horizons, and meet cool people. I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed each and every aspect of the Summit, but my overall experience was very positive.  I feel like I was able to have the kind of experience I was hoping for. 

a half eaten artisan pizza
Yummy pizza courtesy of Settebello in SLC
a hand holding paper pieced quilting blocks in progress
I finally learned paper piecing.
I tried to take a variety of classes, ones that would be outside my normal comfort zone and push me creatively.  I ended up taking an English paper piecing class (yes, I realize I'm the last quilter on earth to learn EPP!), a metal frame purse class, a class on using your stash in different ways, and an equilateral triangle class. Maybe not the riskiest of class choices but I did learn quite a bit.

a woman taking a self portrait in an elevator mirror
Hotel elevator selfie
 I also took 4 lecture classes in a wide range of topics.  
Some were beneficial to me, others not as much.

a woman standing at a podium speaking to a crowd
Lousy picture of the totally cool Heather Bailey
 Heather Bailey was the keynote speaker.  
She was amazing!  
I felt her passion and drive and creativity as she talked.  
She is a smart one, that girl.  And funny!

a room full of tables in rows with sewing machines on them
The sewing room
 I'd say the highlight of the event would be the time spent in the sewing room during after hours "free-sew" time.  Imagine a room full of like minded people immersed in their craft.  Throw in a little chatter, some treats, sleep deprivation and you've got a rockin' good time.  There was some good stuff going on in the sewing room!

colorful fabrics cut in tirangles ready to be sewn together

I was worried going in that since I was attending by myself that I'd have a hard time connecting to other attendees.  But, since I have been attending the SLMQG meetings I was able to connect and meet up with those ladies so as not to feel "left out." I can be a shy girl in large groups so I think it was beneficial to have them to hang out with.  Besides, they are AWESOME!

logo for Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City with dates of 2013 convention

I'm sure you are wondering if I'd go again...  And the short answer is YES!
Sewing Summit was a awesome experience.  Cool people, fun classes, lots of creative energy, good food, and tons of new found wisdom.


Renae said... Reply To This Comment

They are coming to Mpls in Nov. and I'll be going solo too. I may have to call you and see what you recommend or not.

Renae said... Reply To This Comment

They are coming to Mpls in Nov. and I'll be going solo too. I may have to call you and see what you recommend or not.