Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scrappy Bow Tie {Finish}

My parents left for home this past Monday after visiting with us since Halloween!  It was so fun to have them here, but my house hasn't quite recovered from all the mayhem.  We had a steady flow of family dinners, cousin time, and hanging out with each other while they visited. The kids kind of got used to having them around and were pretty sad when they weren't here to greet them after school.  We sure wished they lived closer! (hint-hint Mom!)

In the midst of all our family bonding I was able to finish my scrappy bow tie quilt.  I am pretty sure  it has been a WIP for close to 2 years.  Most of the blocks were from a swap I participated in way back when. 

Scrappy Bow Tie Quilt in Rainbow of Colors

Folded Scrappy Bow Tie Quilt
 At some point in time I convinced myself that hand quilting this thing would be a good idea.  I'm happy to say I did it, but it was a slow process, of which I still need LOTS of practice. (The galloping horse method would come in handy here.)  I also did some simple machine quilting thru the each block to ensure it would get finished in my lifetime.  I actually really like the mix of the two methods.

Pieced Quilt Back

A scrappy quilt deserves a scrappy back don't ya think?  Luckily I had some bigger pieces in my stash that worked.   (Did you know I have a thing for quilt backs?)

Grandparents with their grandson

After finishing the quilt my mom said she might like to have it, and was even willing to pay me for it, but taking money from your own mother seemed a bit weird, so instead I just gave it to her!  My dad, who is always cold, was happy to have a blanket long enough to cover his toes.

Grandpa and Grandson reading the paper

With that I'll leave you with my favorite picture from their visit!  
Each day as my Dad would read the paper, my younger son would get the comics section and 
read beside him.  It really was adorable!

Quilt Finishes around 60" by 72".
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Renae said... Reply To This Comment

You're a nice daughter.
Cute pics of the parents too.
Can't wait for them to come see us.

QuarterMileQuilts said... Reply To This Comment

Proud of you for hand-quilting! I always dread it when I start, but by the end I'm happy that I took the time.

By the way, I think we inadvertently met a Sewing Summit, but I didn't realize this was your blog. It was great to meet you! Loving your Pinterest blocks.


Lisa said... Reply To This Comment

I love the colourful quality of this quilt - very fun!!! And oh my - the pic of your father and son reading the paper is just pure love. Totally adorable!

Sew Create It - Jane said... Reply To This Comment

That last picture is priceless...what wonderful memories are being made there!