Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sew Pieceful Blocks {October}

So sorry for the lack of real posts around here.  I've been having major computer issues, but I'm finally back up and running. Yay!! I've been super busy on the sewing front so I've got a lot of posts ready to go for the next few weeks.  
First up for show and tell are my Sew Pieceful blocks for October.  I put off making my blocks, which is never a good thing, until the end of the month so I used a block I had previously made for my Pinterest Sampler.  It saved me a bit of time remaking a familiar block since I didn't have to think as hard during the making. That's always a good thing! :)
Sew Pieceful Blocks October Hive 2 by simple girl, simple life

Once again everyone chose such beautiful color combinations.
For November I'm trying to be a little bit more on the ball and get my blocks done earlier in the month.  I've already picked out a block design and pulled fabric for each person so I'm already way ahead of the game, huh?

Have a Great Thursday!

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Alisa said... Reply To This Comment

I like this block and I had been wondering if you were still stitching or not. :-) Glad you are.