Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The One and Only Thing I Made for Christmas

 I conscientiously chose not to make a bunch of handmade items for Christmas this year as I know that those kinds of self-imposed expectations cause way more stress than I need during December.  Believe me when I say I want to be that girl, but I know my limits.  So with that being said here is the one and only thing I made for Christmas this year.

As a personal challenge (and because I'm a huge fan!) I've slowly and quietly been working my way through the Sunday Morning Quilts book. 

Finished Daydreams quilt for a boy

This is a boy version of the Daydreams quilt for my 9yr old son.
It's a quick quilt to work up with a nice simple design that lends itself well to boys, girls, or grown-ups.  You could definitely put it together in an afternoon.  I modified the pattern in the book just slightly to make it finish as a nice size throw rather than the original twin-sized.

Scrappy quilt back in blue and gray

For the backing I dug through my stash, as I have far too much fabric that needs to get used.  :*(  Besides, you know I love a scrappy back.  My favorite addition is definitely the mustache piece.  I know everyone is kind of "over" mustaches but evidently I'm not.  And the 9 yr old thinks it's cool so that's all that matters.

loopy scroll quilting detail
 My quilter did a beautiful job as usual. 
She continues to turn my creations into works of art with her quilting. I am forever grateful for her amazing talent!

The boy wrote me a sweet thank you note, complete with quilt drawing, so I guess that means he really likes it!  Even without the sweet note, isn't that the reason we all make quilts in the first place -- to make others happy?

Detail of fabrics in daydreams quilt
A close up of the fabrics.
There was a numbers print, a Japanese piece, some Children at Play, 2 DS Prints, and some other random pieces I found in my stash.

Front and Back of Daydreams Quilt

Linking up to Finish It Up Friday 

Finished quilt measures 55" by 72".
The navy fabric is a denim-type piece I've had in my stash for probably 10 years!  It feels good to have finally used it for something. :) 


Deborah said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful quilt! I love this book, too!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely quilt, beautiful quilting, and--my favorite part--the heartfelt thank-you note . . .

Bluebell Ridge Handworks said... Reply To This Comment

Really sweet note from your boy, Emily :o) That makes every effort so worth it!

Jasmine said... Reply To This Comment

I love the simplicity of this quilt, and especially the pieced back!

Kat said... Reply To This Comment

Great job! I love the quilts in that book, too.

jamie said... Reply To This Comment

hi! I just found your blog from seeing the wee wander quilt on Pinterest. high fives on this quilt! I love the dark fabric as the background. it looks great!