Monday, February 24, 2014

Orphan blocks find a home

This is a fun little quilt top I put together over Christmas Break.  

I've been "collecting" orphan blocks for at least a year in anticipation of making my own kitchen sink quilt.  I've pinned a few really beautiful ones, like this and this, that I was hoping I could duplicate in my own way.

Here are my humble beginnings:

Orphan Quilt Blocks
Not much to look at when you first see them but I knew that with time I could make them beautiful.  I'll admit at this stage of the game I was a little skeptical, though...

Scrappy Orphan Quilt Blocks Organized
 But the more I dug, the more blocks I found!  
I started laying them out to find a pleasing arrangement.

It took a lot of trial and error and LOTS of rearranging to find an arrangement that I liked, but even then I still needed to fill in some gaps!  I tried hard to stay true to the nature of the quilt and not use anything that wasn't a scrap or an orphan block for the gaps.
Tiny Scrappy Triangle Quilt Block
By far my favorite part of the "fill in the gap" phase was this happy little accident of triangles.  The triangles themselves are tiny (2") leftovers from some bee block making.  But they became even more awesome when I sewed the two rows together with one of them upside down.  My original thought was to have them all going the same way stacked up nice and orderly, but I LOVE them so much better like this!  A happy accident, indeed.

Scrappy Orphan Quilt Block Top

Here is the final layout in flimsy form all pieced together.
I love that it is a scrappy beautiful hot mess of blocks, as well as a sort of diary of blocks from the past year.  Crazy, yet cool!

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the momma said... Reply To This Comment

that is great! (You have been a busy girl :-)

Alisa said... Reply To This Comment

VERY nice! You've made your hot mess into something brilliant!

Rachel said... Reply To This Comment

Oh wow you really pulled it all together.

John said... Reply To This Comment

I really like this orphan block top--it shows the many different type of blocks in one top and that is very interesting to look at. You do such great stuff. M

charlotte said... Reply To This Comment

This is great! Inspires me to try it with some of my orphans.

Becky said... Reply To This Comment

Super cool how all your blocks really came together. Now that all your orphans are together in one, big family on a quilt top, they aren't orphans anymore. That's gotta feel great! said... Reply To This Comment

That's lovely, what a great way to use those space taking blocks... you should treat yourself to something to now fill the gap they've left.