Monday, March 17, 2014

More Gradient Stripes

I finished another gradient striped baby quilt.
This one uses some light yellows, yellow-greens, and green-blues.  
The colors remind me of the ocean: sand, water and sky.

Gradient Stripes Baby Quilt Dyptich

I used the IKEA britton numbers print for the back again. Seriously, I LOVE that print. 
 It makes such a great gender-neutral backing.  Those can be tricky sometimes. 

Gradient Stripes Quilt Full View

There is great beauty in simplicity, don't you think?!
Gradient Stripes Quilt Detail

For the binding I used a print from Oliver + S.

I'm pretty sure the bottom two aqua stripes are the perfect color in the history of colors. 
Just Sayin'

Monday, March 3, 2014

Service and Teaching Others to Sew {Part One}

I am passionate about sewing (duh!) and teaching others to sew.  When sewing can be combined with service I'm a happy girl.

 A few weeks ago I offered my sewing/teaching services to a friend. We had decided to help the young women girls (age 12-17) in our church congregation (also known as a ward) learn how to sew.  Since none of them sew at all, the challenge rested in figuring out something for them to sew that would be fun and easy without requiring much precision. Our goal was to spark some interest in sewing and the creative process. 

After making slab blocks I knew that would be a great jumping off point for the girls. We could let them get behind a sewing machine without having to worry about matching points and 1/4" seems.  Pink and Orange Scrappy Improv Quilt

We had decided that the girls blocks would be made into a baby quilt for one of their youth leaders who was having a girl after having 2 boys.  The girls were pretty excited to turn their blocks into a special quilt for their leader.

Pink and Orange Improv Quilt Texture and Quilting

I gave them a brief lesson on the sewing and block making (things like sew right sides together and trim and press as you go) and then turned them loose!  They did such a great job and dove right in to the creative process.  There were only a few minor adjustments to be made to a couple blocks but other than that I didn't do anything but watch and advise.

Pink and Orange Scrappy Improv Quilt

The girls definitely had fun digging through my scraps in search of "hidden treasures" as they designed their blocks.  It was fun to see them be creative and have fun while doing something new. Limiting the color palette was key to taming the chaos.

Pink and Orange Improv Quilt Collage

As you can see, their quilt turned out so fantastic!!

There is plenty more to this story so you'll have to tune in next time for another installment.  It's when I get a hair-brained idea and the project suddenly takes on a life of it's own.
Stay tuned...

Blocks: 12" finished, 20 blocks total.
Finished Quilt:  48" by 60"
Straight-Line Quilting By Me with a Machine Stitched Binding
Backing: From JoAnn's