Sunday, March 1, 2015

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial {+Blog Hop}

 Welcome to my stop on the Give Me Liberty Club Blog Hop

I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how to make this stunning color wheel out of your Liberty Prints. 

Liberty of London Color Wheel
I've wanted to make a color wheel quilt for quite awhile now but I'll admit that I was a bit intimidated.  You might feel the same after seeing my picture, but I assure you that it goes together *really* quickly.  My wheel was cut and sewn in about 1.5 hours.

Liberty of London Rainbow
First off I started with this gorgeous rainbow bundle.  
There are 40 different prints pictured here.
Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 I used my dresden ruler to make the wedges.
 But since the dresden size I wanted uses 20 wedges I pieced my fabrics to include all 40 pieces.  Besides, I liked the idea of using as much color as I possibly could.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
From each fabric I cut a strip 2 1/4" by 9".
 By cutting and keeping each piece in rainbow order as you go you will save so much when you start assembling.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 After cutting thru the rainbow I sewed the strips in pairs, again keeping them in rainbow order to make it easier.  I marked the center of the dresden wedge with a piece of tape and used that as I lined up the ruler on the center seam to cut each wedge.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 At this point you should have 20 wedges that are pieced with your 40 fabrics.
Sew the wedges in pairs in rainbow order, then sew those pairs together again and again until you get a complete circle. Press all seams to one side.

Liberty of London Color Wheel
At this point you have a rough circle.  

Now it's time to cover the center circle opening. 
Grab any household item that is round and bigger than the inside circle to use as a template.  I ended up using a roll of painters tape.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 I like using the interfacing stitch and flip method for this part.  Trace your fabric circle onto a piece of light weight iron-on interfacing and cut to the same size.  (DO NOT IRON your circle or the interfacing will stick to your fabric!) Sew the white fabric circle and interfacing circle right sides together all the way around the entire circle.  To flip it, cut a slit in the interfacing and flip the right sides out.  Pin it flat but DO NOT IRON it yet.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 You are now going to do the same with the dresden circle.  
Use a lightweight iron-on interfacing and cut a circle the same size as your liberty dresden.  Sew right sides together, cut a slit in the interfacing and flip it. 

Liberty of London Color Wheel Blues UP close
 I really love using this method because, as you can see, it gives such a nice smooth edge to the finished circle with very little added bulk. 

Lay your circle on the center of your background square.  My square is 28".  YOu can find the middle of your square by folding into fourths. That should give you a nice center marking.

Pin your dresden to the background fabric.  Now you can iron it down to the background.  This will help keep it in position when you sew it down. 

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 Sew around the outside close to the edge.  Then do the same for the center circle.

Liberty of London Color Wheel full view
Ta-Da! Now you have a beautiful color wheel.
Quilt and bind as desired.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Improv Solids TV Pillow

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that this is not a recent project.  But since I'm *trying* to keep my blog a little more current and updated you get a an oldie but goodie. :)

Last fall our guild had a SOLIDS Only challenge.  The deal was to create whatever "quilted" item we wanted used only solid fabrics.  I put it off until the very last minute, pulled out some practice blocks I had stashed away and went to town on some improv.

Improv is a funny thing for me.  Sometimes I'm not sure if my design will end up as pure genius or purely junk.  It's a fine line, I think.  :)

I was able to come up with a little something I liked in the end. 

 Some matchstick quilting finished it off nicely.

I had planned on just turning it into a wall hanging mini quilt or something like that but decided I wanted it to be a bit more functional.

Instead I took an old couch cushion I had been hanging onto for some unknown reason and used it for the inside of a giant floor pillow covered in my new design. 
The floor pillow seemed way more functional than another mini hanging on my wall.
 My kids have used it a ton, so I'm happy.

So, I'd like to know...
Do you like or dislike Improv? And why?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Catnap for Crayons

 You knew I couldn't be done making little bitty zipper pouches just yet.

I'm telling you, little is always better!

Catnap for Crayons Little Bitty Zipper Pouch
Besides little sewing kits and purse treasure-hiders, these pouches are great for crayons, as well.
Believe me when I say, my 8yr old was ecstatic to have a cute place to keep her crayons.  

Catnap for Crayons Little Bitty Zipper Pouch Inside

I mean, doesn't everyone like to keep their treasures in pretty little things?!
I sure do!

Cat Fabric: Catnap Cattitude in Eggplant by Lizzy House
Inside Fabric: Wee Wander Nature Walk in Magenta by Sarah Jane

Friday, February 13, 2015

Little Man's Quilt

{You can read how this project got started Here.}

Over Christmas break we figured out that Little Dude only needed 8 more blocks to finish off his Scrappy Improv Quilt.  That number seems HUGE when you are 10 yrs old, but I promised him that he'd be so happy when he was done. 

 We spent the better part of a day, him sewing and me trimming/ironing, and finally finished about 5 of them.  He had been saying all along that he wanted the quilt to be big enough for his bed, but at that point he wanted to stop and "rest" for awhile. Block making is hard work, you know...

Boy Improv Wonky Quilt Blocks

 I haven't pushed him too hard on this project because I wanted him to be happy with it and feel accomplished on his own.

A couple days later he asked for my help finishing up his remaining blocks.  I figured out that he would need to finish up the last 3 and then make another 5 for it to be big enough for his bed.  Once he heard "big enough for your bed" he was ready to tackle the last of the blocks + the extras. 

Boy Improv Wonky Quilt Blocks

We spent another longish day in my sewing room, him sewing and me trimming again, and were able to persevere through ALL of the remaining blocks.  He was such a trooper!  I'll admit that is was hard for him to work for so long, but when the last block was finished he raised his hands up in the air and yelled "YEEEESSS!"  

He was definitely proud of all of his hard work!  

Ice Cream Treat

We celebrated by going to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. :)

I'm happy to say that his quilt is off to the quilter and should be ready for a final reveal in a few weeks.  Little Man can't wait until you see what he picked out for the backing and binding.  They are WILD! 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Little Bitty {London} Zippy Pouch

These little pouches are so cute and addictive.  
I mean, everything is cuter in miniature, right?

Little Bitty London Calling Zipper Pouch
This little one is for my British boy-band loving 13yr old daughter.
It's just the right size to stash easy-to-lose items in her purse.

Little Bitty London Calling Zipper Pouch
It's small size makes it an ideal fit for make-up, personal items, and candy/gum; things not easily found in one's purse.  Not that I would know... :)

My daughter actually *gasped* out loud when I gave it to her, so I'd say it's teenager approved!

The fabric is London Calling by Dear Stella.  
(P.S. You can find a FQ bundle of London Calling on sale at right now!)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Little Girl Sew Together Bag

Seems I'm on a bit of a bag-making kick lately...

This Little Girl Sew Together Bag was a collaboration with my 8yr old.  Can you tell?  When I asked her if she wanted one of these super cool bags she said, "Will you let me pick the fabrics?"
Sure thing!!

Little Girl Sew Together Bag
As you know, 8yr old girls are into things that fit into the cute, fluffy, snuggly, sparkly, rainbow, or candy-colored categories.  It's a universal theme, I'm guessing. :)  
So she found woodland creatures for the outside. (cute and fluffy categories)

Little Girl Sew Together Bag
For the insides she went with candy-colored and cute.
 The hardest part for her was whittling down her stack of favorite fabrics.  In fact, she chose a different fabric for each element.  Eleven fabrics total! 

Little Girl Sew Together Bag  
Even the rarely seen inside pockets are alphabet cute for my little school girl! 

 This is actually the third sew together bag I've made. 
I have at least one more to share in the coming weeks... for my newly minted teenage daughter. :)

Sew Together Bag pattern by Sew Demented on Craftsy

Outside Bag: Sorry, don't know what it is.
Inside fabrics (l to r): Sarah Jane's Wee Wander Glow Friends in Pink, Heather Ross' Briar Rose Strawberries in Green, Sarah Jane's Children at Play Just Stay Little in Turquoise, and Sarah Jane's Wee Wander Glow Friends in Sea.
Inside zipper pockets: A is for... Alphabet by My (heart) KT for Windham
Ends: Dear Stella Do It Yourself Scissors in White, Hedgehogs in Stone by Kate and Birdie Paper Company for Moda

Friday, February 6, 2015

Postage Stamp Quilt Update

If you've been following along then you know that my postage stamp quilt has been coming together very sloooowwly.  My last post in September had me contemplating making it bigger, from a twin sized to a queen.  Well, I went ahead an DID make it bigger!  It took some time and some re-figuring, and then more time and more figuring to get it to the size I wanted. 

Postage Stamp Quilt

But now, I'm happy to say that the top is FINISHED (as in really finished) and off to the quilter!

Postage Stamp Quilt

It is SO BIG that I had to move all the furniture in my front room while I pieced the backing and got it ready for the quilter.  When it comes back I'll give you the finished size and tell you how many 2.5" squares I ended up using.  Hint: It was A LOT!!!
Postage Stamp Quilt Flimsy

But I am so very happy with how it turned out, even if it took me such a long time to complete.
 I will enjoy seeing it every day on my bed!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Bitty Zippy Pouch

This little bitty pouch came about after I went retreating last month.  

My friend Holly had this cute little pouch that held her Clover Wonder Clips. Since I'm so experienced at pouches now (haha) I knew I could whip one up for myself in no time.  Holly gave me some rough measurements to work with, but honestly, by the time I was done I realized I'd messed up her figures. doh!

Despite my miscalculations, it still turned out just as cute as can be!

little bitty pink zipper pouch
The outside fabric is Sew Stitchy Pins in Grey by Aneela Hoey.  

little bitty pink zipper pouch
For the inside I used Technicolor Leaf in Candy by Emily Herrick.

little bitty pink zipper pouch
The pouch is the perfect little size for my wonder clips, some thread, embroidery scissors, and a pack of gum.  (Yes, I hide my gum in strange places in hopes that my kids won't find it!)

Here are the measurements/details I used if you want to make your own: 
 Cut outside and inside fabrics 7" long by 5.5" tall
I used Pellon 809 iron-on interfacing, and interfaced BOTH the inside and outside pieces. This make the bag more rigid and able to stand up on it's own.
For the boxed corners I measured 1" in from the point for my sewing line (approx 2" long).
Zipper is from Zipit on Etsy. I buy a rainbow assortment of 100 - 9"zippers for $35.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Zippy Pouches

Can you believe I've never actually made a zippy pouch before?  Well, there was that one time I made a sew together bag, but a plain old zippy pouch?  Never.

Until now...

My youngest daughter needed a present for her best friend, who was moving.  I'd been wanting to try pouches for awhile so that provided the motivation I needed. 
The little girl's favorite color was purple, so the "P is for" bag was born. 

Petite Purple Zippered Pouch

 P is for pretty purple pouch packed with peppermints for Piper. :)

It turned out so cute that I had to make more!!

Spell it with Moda M Zippered Pouch
This one is for Miss Megan, who also goes by Bunny.

Gold Dottie Hearts Zippered Pouch
And D is for Devyn, with the most fabulous gold dottie hearts.

Fabric Details:
Purple fabric by Kaffe Fassett
Pink Bunnies are Posy by Aneela Hoey for Moda
Gold Dottie Hearts from JoAnn's
Gray is Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax
Zippers from Zipit on Etsy.

I used Noodlehead's Open Wide Zipper Pouch tutorial for the bags and Moda's Spell It letters for the monogram. The Letters PDF can be found here.  I couldn't find an easier way to find them (with the whole alphabet in one link), so just change the letter in the web address to the one you want and it will pull right up. Links to punctuation and numbers can be found in this blog post by Pattern and Hue.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

Another project I took on retreat with me were these stacks of rainbow scraps I had precut.
I like to keep my scraps under control and tidy. One of the ways I do that is by cutting 3.5 scraps from my leftovers.  It makes it handy when I want to start a project but don't want to do the initial cutting.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt Squares

 This stack had been growing over the weeks as I cut through my scraps, I just put them in rainbow order for aesthetic reasons. 
Everything is prettier in rainbow order, don't you think?!

Anyways, this lovely quilt caught my eye, and honestly I thought I'd make one just like it, until I decided instead to keep my scraps in rainbow order.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

The double design wall at the retreat was perfect to use. You can see I nearly filled the whole thing!
I didn't want a linear rainbow design so I sort of winged it, based on some similar things I've seen over the years.  I really like how it all melds together in a non-traditional rainbow.  I tried really hard to just throw it all up there and not spend hours fussing over the layout.  I'm happy to say I did NOT do much fussing!  A few simple tweaks and then I let it be. 

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

One of the things I love about this quilt is how different it looks up close.
There are plenty of pieces that would be considered "too close" to each other in a color sense, but when you step back and get a look at the whole thing the color placement is right on.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

 I also love that there are SO many hidden gems, long hoarded pieces, and the last remaining bits of fabrics I've used over and over.  It contains quite the archival collection from my stash through the years.  But again, when you look at it from afar, all you get is this great big picture of color.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

The finished quilt will end up being somewhere in the neighborhood of  72" by 90". 
 In our house that makes the perfect size for couch snuggling.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

 I was lucky enough to win free quilting from Sarah Russett so this quilt is already on it's way to her for some fancy quilting.  I can't wait to show you when I get it back! 
In the end, I think it might end up being my favorite child. ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Aqua Sew Together Bag

A few weeks ago I was able to go away for the weekend on a sewing retreat with friends.  
Retreats are pretty much my favorite, other than the ridiculously small amount of sleep I get. :0 

One of the few projects I got done was my very own 

Aqua Sew Together Bag

I even used one of my hoarded "I paid WAY too much for this" Melody Miller Aqua Typewriters.
It's pretty much aqua perfection for me in ever way. 

Aqua Sew Together Bag

For the insides I used more of my aqua favorites.  Sandi Henderson Henna, Denyse Schmidt Dots, and Sarah Jane Wee Wander Lightening Bugs.
 The henna was another overly priced piece I bought on #thegreatfabricdestash, but rather than hoard that kind of stuff, this year I'm determined to use it with reckless abandonment! 
 I'm living on the edge in 2015! :)

If you haven't made your own sew together bag yet, I HIGHLY recommend following the sew along done by Heather at The Quilt Barn.  I couldn't have made mine without it! 

P.S.  The beautiful rainbow quilt in the background of the top picture was made by the lovely Andy at A Bright Corner.  The pattern is Dashing from the book Vintage Vibe by Amber Johnson of Gigi's Thimble. Isn't is gorgeous in rainbow order?!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron Tutorial

 My youngest daughter *finally* (in her words) received an American Girl Doll for Christmas this past year, as did her best friend and cousins.  So, as you can imagine, there's been lots of doll playing at our house since. 

 Last weekend was her best friend's birthday so I decided to make a little present for her and her doll.  She had mentioned that she wanted an apron for her Caroline doll.  I knew I could whip one up in no time.  Since Caroline is from the early 19th century, a half apron (prairie style) was what I can up with.
Front and Back American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
Isn't it so cute?! 

I thought I'd write up a quick tutorial on what I did in case you know an American Girl doll that needs a tiny apron as well.
American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
Cut from your fabric:
1 - 13" by 7" rectangle
1 - 2.5" by 29" strip

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
Iron the strip lengthwise into fourths, to make it double folded.

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
It should measure approx. 1/2" to 3/8" once you're done.

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
Take the rectangle and double fold 3 of the 4 sided approx 1/4 each. (1/2 total) or as small as you can get it.

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
 It should look like this when you are done

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
 Sew the 3 sides with a 1/4" straight stitch.

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
 Using a gather foot or large basting stitch, gather the top (unsewn edge) 
until it measures approx. 4".

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
Measure the apron base and the apron tie to find their middle points and pin them as shown. 
Unfold the tie and "sandwich" the base of the apron at the middles.
Pin them so the base (gathered edge) is securely inside the tie with no raw edges showing. Continue pinning the apron and tie together until all is secure.

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
  Fold each end of the ties in as shown so no raw edges will show.
Once you have pinned everything securely, sew the length of the tie (which will also attach the base)  with a 1/4" straight stitch.

American Girl Doll Prairie Apron tutorial for Caroline
When you are finished you will have a cute miniature Prairie Apron just perfect for your American Girl Doll!

Good Luck!  
If you have any questions I will try to answer them in the comments section.