Friday, January 30, 2015

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

Another project I took on retreat with me were these stacks of rainbow scraps I had precut.
I like to keep my scraps under control and tidy. One of the ways I do that is by cutting 3.5 scraps from my leftovers.  It makes it handy when I want to start a project but don't want to do the initial cutting.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt Squares

 This stack had been growing over the weeks as I cut through my scraps, I just put them in rainbow order for aesthetic reasons. 
Everything is prettier in rainbow order, don't you think?!

Anyways, this lovely quilt caught my eye, and honestly I thought I'd make one just like it, until I decided instead to keep my scraps in rainbow order.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

The double design wall at the retreat was perfect to use. You can see I nearly filled the whole thing!
I didn't want a linear rainbow design so I sort of winged it, based on some similar things I've seen over the years.  I really like how it all melds together in a non-traditional rainbow.  I tried really hard to just throw it all up there and not spend hours fussing over the layout.  I'm happy to say I did NOT do much fussing!  A few simple tweaks and then I let it be. 

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

One of the things I love about this quilt is how different it looks up close.
There are plenty of pieces that would be considered "too close" to each other in a color sense, but when you step back and get a look at the whole thing the color placement is right on.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

 I also love that there are SO many hidden gems, long hoarded pieces, and the last remaining bits of fabrics I've used over and over.  It contains quite the archival collection from my stash through the years.  But again, when you look at it from afar, all you get is this great big picture of color.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

The finished quilt will end up being somewhere in the neighborhood of  72" by 90". 
 In our house that makes the perfect size for couch snuggling.

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

 I was lucky enough to win free quilting from Sarah Russett so this quilt is already on it's way to her for some fancy quilting.  I can't wait to show you when I get it back! 
In the end, I think it might end up being my favorite child. ;)


Laura :: zuckerkuss said... Reply To This Comment

This quilt is so pretty. I am really jealous....
And i will definitely try your approach of cutting my scraps in precut shapes straight away. That will hopefully help reducing my scrap stash...

Tiffany said... Reply To This Comment


the momma said... Reply To This Comment

This is so fabulous! I love it!! And free quilting? Nice!!

KMSC said... Reply To This Comment

I've been wanting to make a "rainbow" quilt for awhile so your quilt is a great inspiration! Thanks!

John said... Reply To This Comment

You are amazing with how you put colors together and the designs you make. This one is gorgeous. M

Alisa said... Reply To This Comment

It's gorgeous, Emily! You'd better keep this one!