Friday, February 20, 2015

Catnap for Crayons

 You knew I couldn't be done making little bitty zipper pouches just yet.

I'm telling you, little is always better!

Catnap for Crayons Little Bitty Zipper Pouch
Besides little sewing kits and purse treasure-hiders, these pouches are great for crayons, as well.
Believe me when I say, my 8yr old was ecstatic to have a cute place to keep her crayons.  

Catnap for Crayons Little Bitty Zipper Pouch Inside

I mean, doesn't everyone like to keep their treasures in pretty little things?!
I sure do!

Cat Fabric: Catnap Cattitude in Eggplant by Lizzy House
Inside Fabric: Wee Wander Nature Walk in Magenta by Sarah Jane

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Carla said... Reply To This Comment

It's very cute! I do love little pouches ; )