Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Improv Solids TV Pillow

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that this is not a recent project.  But since I'm *trying* to keep my blog a little more current and updated you get a an oldie but goodie. :)

Last fall our guild had a SOLIDS Only challenge.  The deal was to create whatever "quilted" item we wanted used only solid fabrics.  I put it off until the very last minute, pulled out some practice blocks I had stashed away and went to town on some improv.

Improv is a funny thing for me.  Sometimes I'm not sure if my design will end up as pure genius or purely junk.  It's a fine line, I think.  :)

I was able to come up with a little something I liked in the end. 

 Some matchstick quilting finished it off nicely.

I had planned on just turning it into a wall hanging mini quilt or something like that but decided I wanted it to be a bit more functional.

Instead I took an old couch cushion I had been hanging onto for some unknown reason and used it for the inside of a giant floor pillow covered in my new design. 
The floor pillow seemed way more functional than another mini hanging on my wall.
 My kids have used it a ton, so I'm happy.

So, I'd like to know...
Do you like or dislike Improv? And why?

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Carla said... Reply To This Comment

This looks great! Who doesn't love a big pillow!