Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Little Bitty {London} Zippy Pouch

These little pouches are so cute and addictive.  
I mean, everything is cuter in miniature, right?

Little Bitty London Calling Zipper Pouch
This little one is for my British boy-band loving 13yr old daughter.
It's just the right size to stash easy-to-lose items in her purse.

Little Bitty London Calling Zipper Pouch
It's small size makes it an ideal fit for make-up, personal items, and candy/gum; things not easily found in one's purse.  Not that I would know... :)

My daughter actually *gasped* out loud when I gave it to her, so I'd say it's teenager approved!

The fabric is London Calling by Dear Stella.  
(P.S. You can find a FQ bundle of London Calling on sale at right now!)

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John said... Reply To This Comment

The bag you make are really cute and they look very professionally made. You do great work! M