Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Bitty Zippy Pouch

This little bitty pouch came about after I went retreating last month.  

My friend Holly had this cute little pouch that held her Clover Wonder Clips. Since I'm so experienced at pouches now (haha) I knew I could whip one up for myself in no time.  Holly gave me some rough measurements to work with, but honestly, by the time I was done I realized I'd messed up her figures. doh!

Despite my miscalculations, it still turned out just as cute as can be!

little bitty pink zipper pouch
The outside fabric is Sew Stitchy Pins in Grey by Aneela Hoey.  

little bitty pink zipper pouch
For the inside I used Technicolor Leaf in Candy by Emily Herrick.

little bitty pink zipper pouch
The pouch is the perfect little size for my wonder clips, some thread, embroidery scissors, and a pack of gum.  (Yes, I hide my gum in strange places in hopes that my kids won't find it!)

Here are the measurements/details I used if you want to make your own: 
 Cut outside and inside fabrics 7" long by 5.5" tall
I used Pellon 809 iron-on interfacing, and interfaced BOTH the inside and outside pieces. This make the bag more rigid and able to stand up on it's own.
For the boxed corners I measured 1" in from the point for my sewing line (approx 2" long).
Zipper is from Zipit on Etsy. I buy a rainbow assortment of 100 - 9"zippers for $35.

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Really really sweet. Perfect fabrics