Sunday, March 1, 2015

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial {+Blog Hop}

 Welcome to my stop on the Give Me Liberty Club Blog Hop

I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how to make this stunning color wheel out of your Liberty Prints. 

Liberty of London Color Wheel
I've wanted to make a color wheel quilt for quite awhile now but I'll admit that I was a bit intimidated.  You might feel the same after seeing my picture, but I assure you that it goes together *really* quickly.  My wheel was cut and sewn in about 1.5 hours.

Liberty of London Rainbow
First off I started with this gorgeous rainbow bundle.  
There are 40 different prints pictured here.
Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 I used my dresden ruler to make the wedges.
 But since the dresden size I wanted uses 20 wedges I pieced my fabrics to include all 40 pieces.  Besides, I liked the idea of using as much color as I possibly could.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
From each fabric I cut a strip 2 1/4" by 9".
 By cutting and keeping each piece in rainbow order as you go you will save so much when you start assembling.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 After cutting thru the rainbow I sewed the strips in pairs, again keeping them in rainbow order to make it easier.  I marked the center of the dresden wedge with a piece of tape and used that as I lined up the ruler on the center seam to cut each wedge.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 At this point you should have 20 wedges that are pieced with your 40 fabrics.
Sew the wedges in pairs in rainbow order, then sew those pairs together again and again until you get a complete circle. Press all seams to one side.

Liberty of London Color Wheel
At this point you have a rough circle.  

Now it's time to cover the center circle opening. 
Grab any household item that is round and bigger than the inside circle to use as a template.  I ended up using a roll of painters tape.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 I like using the interfacing stitch and flip method for this part.  Trace your fabric circle onto a piece of light weight iron-on interfacing and cut to the same size.  (DO NOT IRON your circle or the interfacing will stick to your fabric!) Sew the white fabric circle and interfacing circle right sides together all the way around the entire circle.  To flip it, cut a slit in the interfacing and flip the right sides out.  Pin it flat but DO NOT IRON it yet.

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 You are now going to do the same with the dresden circle.  
Use a lightweight iron-on interfacing and cut a circle the same size as your liberty dresden.  Sew right sides together, cut a slit in the interfacing and flip it. 

Liberty of London Color Wheel Blues UP close
 I really love using this method because, as you can see, it gives such a nice smooth edge to the finished circle with very little added bulk. 

Lay your circle on the center of your background square.  My square is 28".  YOu can find the middle of your square by folding into fourths. That should give you a nice center marking.

Pin your dresden to the background fabric.  Now you can iron it down to the background.  This will help keep it in position when you sew it down. 

Liberty of London Color Wheel Tutorial
 Sew around the outside close to the edge.  Then do the same for the center circle.

Liberty of London Color Wheel full view
Ta-Da! Now you have a beautiful color wheel.
Quilt and bind as desired.

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