Wednesday, October 3, 2018

German Fabric

Recently my husband and I were able to go on our annual "Save the Marriage" vacation.  It's a trip we take without kids so that we can reconnect and enjoy some quality time together. 


This year we were lucky enough to be able to fly to Germany and Austria
 (my first overseas flight)
for 10 days.  

Lichtenstein Castle Art

We had an AWESOME time exploring medieval churches, touring castles, hiking caves, climbing mountains, and driving really really fast on the autobahn. 

 It was an amazing trip!

Novelty German Fabric

One of the souvenirs I brought back were these fun fabrics with traditional German/Bavarian designs.

Aren't they SO CUTE?!

I didn't necessarily go looking for a fabric store, but luckily we stumbled upon one while exploring the town of Rothenburg. Nothing else in the store really appealed to my bright modern tastes, but I came away feeling pretty happy with what I DID find!!

Traditional German Fabric Shopping

Here's a little cultural lesson for you...

Fabric with Novelty German Designs

Traditional Bavarian dress (think Lederhosen) for men includes a gingham button-up shirt in either red and blue (the most popular colors). Those colors are so popular because they are found on the Bavarian flag (blue) and the Bavarian Coat of Arms (red and blue).  Thus the reason my fabrics, with their traditional motifs, are only red and blue.

I haven't yet decided what to make, so for now I will just sit and stare at them until inspiration hits!

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Germany

Auf Weidersehen!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Way Up North Tree Skirt

It was SO fun to get to work with Jill Howarth's new Way Up North fabric line for Riley Blake

Jill Howarth Way Up North Fabric Stack

 As you can see
Jill gives a fresh approach to Christmas colors 
by adding navy and pink to traditional red and green.

Way up North fabric Houses Prints

Her illustrations are whimsical and fun

Jill Howarth Way Up North Fabric

while still blending seamlessly with timeless Christmas themes.

Jill Howarth Way Up North Main Santa Print

My favorite pieces of this line are definitely the main Santa Print and the Elf Houses Print. 
 Both are large scale prints that will make such CUTE quilt backs!!

Way Up North fabric Snowman and Flight

But don't underestimate the cuteness of the small scale prints!
I mean... snowmen and Santa flying through the air?! 
So Great!

Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Skirt using Way Up North Fabric

Since I could make anything I wanted....
I decided to make a fun new tree skirt

Holly Jolly Tree Skirt Pattern using Way Up North Fabric Riley Blake

The Holly Jolly pattern from my friend, Andy (aka
works perfectly to showcase all the fun illustrations in Jill's fabric.

(Andy's pattern is also super easy to make with well written, easy to understand directions.) 

Quilting detail Christmas tree skirt Way Up North Fabric Riley Blake

For the quilting I had my quilter do a very "Christmas-y" motiff. 
I think it turned out perfectly. 

Holly Jolly Tree Skirt Ties Detail using Way Up North Fabric Riley Blake

 Probably my favorite detail of the tree skirt is the ties.  
The pattern calls for using ribbon, but I loved using the last bits of this fantastic stripe
 (You can NEVER go wrong with stripes!!) to finish it off. 
 I mean... striped bindings are always my answer to "What should I use for the binding?"

Holly Jolly tree skirt pattern Riley Blake Way Up North fabric

Such fun fabrics and such a fun new tree skirt! 
Happy Christmas is JULY!! 
Now go enjoy a dip in the pool for me! :)