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I'm Emily, a simple girl carving out a simple life, one project at a time. 

For the past four years I have blogged along side my sisters as one of the Creative Chicks. (You can view all my past work here.)  Now I am venturing out on my own!  As my tastes are ever changing, this blog will follow the ebbs and flows of my creative life.a couple posing in front of Mt. Timpanogas sign
When I'm not in my sewing room you might find me shuttling my kids around town, running the streets in my pink Mizunos, hiking with my family, getting my hands dirty in the garden, or canning away food like a squirrel. 

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I am a wife to a handsome (and supportive) husband, a mom to four entertaining kids, the mother hen to 10 real-life chickens, and a fun-loving, sleep-deprived woman.  I love mint chip ice cream, homemade popcorn (with lots of butter!), and Mexican food.

a family picture turned into a puzzle

As for my creative life, my mom taught me to sew back when I was in elementary school.  In those days I made lots of "creations" for my Barbies.  As I got older I started making my own clothing before settling on quilt-making (at least for now!).

I would consider myself an eclectic quilter.  Part modern, part traditionalist, and lover of all things fabric.  I find as much joy in modern, minimalistic designs as well as intricate, traditional patterns.
 Recently I bought myself a "fancy" machine.  After sewing on my trusty Kenmore for the past 18 years it was time for an upgrade.  But, never fear, Kenny the Kenmore is now being used by my daughters.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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